Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Undftd Desert Storm 2010

Sneaky peeky. Undftd X New Balance "Desert Storm". Comming to Undftd stores in April of 2010.

Liberty Hotel Boston

So I get non stop comments on how great my job must be & great it must be to travel etc. Yes, your right. Its pretty rad and for the most part I do love my job. Hotels do get old but from time to time there are some that are more note worthy than others. When I go back to Boston to New Balance HQ (while I don't stay here $$$$) I always make it a point to grab dinner or a drink at the Liberty Hotel. Imagine if some one bought Alcatraz in San Fran & put in an amazing restaurant & re-worked the jail to be decked out with luxurious elements & spohicated decor. You would get the Liberty Hotel. Built in 1851 & once housed Americans most wanted. Now, re worked in 2001, it houses Americas hip & cool.

The Clink, which is the bar has been left intact, you sit in a cell & have drinks while looking at various celebrities mug shots, its great. the restaurant is really amazing as well, however be forewarned that you may need to brace your AMEX prior to dinner as its going to set you back, but an occasional indulgence never hurt anyone.

on your next trip to bean town, defiantly make some time to stop by the hotel and at least use the restroom!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Agenda HB

Here we go again! This will be your first opportunity to take a look at the Fall 2010 PF FLYER'S & New Balance Collections. January 7Th & 8Th at the Hyatt Hotel in Huntington Beach CA www.agendashow.com

The above shoe, the 205. RC205 number inspired by Khalid Khannouchi’s World
Record time on 2:05:38 Style series was the shoe worn by Khannouchi for his world record winning race. Shoe worn by Kenyan Kimbia Athletics group.
YOu will see this shoe at retail for April 2010 arrival

Hanni El Khatib of Huff SF

So when Hannie isn't busy working with Keith on the Huff collection & the various Huff colab projects he is rocking away with his band. From what I understand the album doesn't officially come out until Spring 2010, but if your one of the lucky 100 there are some copies floating around. I took a listen and his sound reminds me a bit of the cramps, but that's just my opinion. Defiantly check it out!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Serendipity Ice Cream You Scream We All Scream

OK, so you may find this an Odd post. BUT, New Balance hosts the entire company twice a year. We all get together & get clued in on all the new goings on with the Company & most importantly they get us all in the know on the upcomming seasons collection. About a year ago the sales meeting was in Boca raton FL. Yes, its right next to Miami & no I dont know why we dont have the meeting in Miami. However, there was a redeamding factor to the stay. Serendipity. If you dont know about Serendipity, its a 60 year old Ice Creamery based in NY. I think this is the only one they have outside NY. They took it to a new level in the Florida Location. You still get that amazing ice Cream and the decore is really amazing. Its 50's ice cream parlo meets Alice & Wonderland colors. If your ever in Boca Raton stop in you wont be dissapointed. I cant say so much for the city of Boca raton, but this spot is the best thing they have going