Sunday, January 10, 2010

Agenda HB January 2010

Trade show season came all to quickly. This last week we hit the new year running and got all the new Fall 2010 product down to Hunington beach for the Agenda Show. Agenda is in its 7th year & I think I have only missed one of them. I was at the first one and its crazy to see how far the show has come. There were a ton of heavy hitters there & trend setters. Overall a great way to start out the season and we got a ton done. Many Many thanks to Adrienne & Jennifer who made the trip from Boston to help with the show and Jenn from our LA office held it down like usuall.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Shiek PF FLYERS Shop in Shop Sacramento

Hey if your in Sacramento CA, stop into the new Super Shiek. Shiek Shoes just opened a super hughe new store in Sacramento & we are very happy to be apart of the new location. The new PF wall is up & the new inventory should be there any day now. If your up in Sac town, stop in!