Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Undftd Desert Storm 2010

Sneaky peeky. Undftd X New Balance "Desert Storm". Comming to Undftd stores in April of 2010.

Liberty Hotel Boston

So I get non stop comments on how great my job must be & great it must be to travel etc. Yes, your right. Its pretty rad and for the most part I do love my job. Hotels do get old but from time to time there are some that are more note worthy than others. When I go back to Boston to New Balance HQ (while I don't stay here $$$$) I always make it a point to grab dinner or a drink at the Liberty Hotel. Imagine if some one bought Alcatraz in San Fran & put in an amazing restaurant & re-worked the jail to be decked out with luxurious elements & spohicated decor. You would get the Liberty Hotel. Built in 1851 & once housed Americans most wanted. Now, re worked in 2001, it houses Americas hip & cool.

The Clink, which is the bar has been left intact, you sit in a cell & have drinks while looking at various celebrities mug shots, its great. the restaurant is really amazing as well, however be forewarned that you may need to brace your AMEX prior to dinner as its going to set you back, but an occasional indulgence never hurt anyone.

on your next trip to bean town, defiantly make some time to stop by the hotel and at least use the restroom!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Agenda HB

Here we go again! This will be your first opportunity to take a look at the Fall 2010 PF FLYER'S & New Balance Collections. January 7Th & 8Th at the Hyatt Hotel in Huntington Beach CA www.agendashow.com

The above shoe, the 205. RC205 number inspired by Khalid Khannouchi’s World
Record time on 2:05:38 Style series was the shoe worn by Khannouchi for his world record winning race. Shoe worn by Kenyan Kimbia Athletics group.
YOu will see this shoe at retail for April 2010 arrival

Hanni El Khatib of Huff SF

So when Hannie isn't busy working with Keith on the Huff collection & the various Huff colab projects he is rocking away with his band. From what I understand the album doesn't officially come out until Spring 2010, but if your one of the lucky 100 there are some copies floating around. I took a listen and his sound reminds me a bit of the cramps, but that's just my opinion. Defiantly check it out!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Serendipity Ice Cream You Scream We All Scream

OK, so you may find this an Odd post. BUT, New Balance hosts the entire company twice a year. We all get together & get clued in on all the new goings on with the Company & most importantly they get us all in the know on the upcomming seasons collection. About a year ago the sales meeting was in Boca raton FL. Yes, its right next to Miami & no I dont know why we dont have the meeting in Miami. However, there was a redeamding factor to the stay. Serendipity. If you dont know about Serendipity, its a 60 year old Ice Creamery based in NY. I think this is the only one they have outside NY. They took it to a new level in the Florida Location. You still get that amazing ice Cream and the decore is really amazing. Its 50's ice cream parlo meets Alice & Wonderland colors. If your ever in Boca Raton stop in you wont be dissapointed. I cant say so much for the city of Boca raton, but this spot is the best thing they have going

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freedom Trail Collection

When Concepts had the oportunity to work with New Balance for the 2nd time on a shoe, it seemed natural to source inspiration from the home town of Boston.

The 875 trail hybryd & the classics 1500 are hitting select reatilers November 27th. If your on the west coast stop into: Goods Seattle, HUFF SF, Sportie LA and of corse Undftd stores. get em while you can!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PF FLYERS Holiday 09 Astor

The Astor returns for its second delivery. The HOliday up-date has really nice waxed leather laces and features italian nylon. This newer PF style gets its influence from another PF style called the Albin & gets exagerated retro detail from the iconic Glide basketball high top. get em while you can

Kangaroo 850's are comming Dec 5th

To ring in the upcoming Sneaker Freaker x New Balance M850JST collaboration shoe, a video has recently surfaced on behalf of the “Skippy Appreciation Society”. The video helps further accentuate the shoe’s main focal point of featuring a kangaroo leather upper. For more details on the Sneaker Freaker x New Balance M850JST, check out the previous post.

South Bay Ride

Sunday Nov 15th, our friends at Podium (DVS, Matix, Lakai) will be hosting a special bike ride event in the Southbay. The benefit is for DVS founding father, Winston Dunlap, with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Association. Podium, along with Huf , Cadence, Incase and 686 will be there in full effect!

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Balance 686 Partnership

So we are just a few days away from the West Coast launch of the 686 X new Balance collection launch here in LA. I just got my NB580 Snowboard boots & I'm ready to hit the hill. Unfortunately I have a sales meeting in Florida that is going to keep me from getting out on the hill, but rumor has it that I'm going to get some snow with my Turkey this year so stay tuned for a full review on the new boots.

for a full run down & all the technical features of the new boot & outwear collection go to:

Monday, November 2, 2009

686 X Super Nova LTD

Every season Mike west from 686 does a crazy super limited colab project in addition to what ever Times project he is working on. Last year he did these un-real Levis X 686 3 ply selvage denim snowboard pants (no I didn't get a pair, LAME) This season to tie into our New Balance project he did 20 "super nova' collectible box sets. Each box set comes with a MT580 boot, MT580- sneaker, 3 ply jacket and a new era cap which is one solid piece! Pretty rad to have hanging on the wall. Come out and see one 1st hand at the Blends launch party in LA this next week!

NB X 686 Launch Party

Over the past 2 years both 686 & New Balance have been working together to create an evolution from the MT580 NB trail show to snowboard boot. The end result could not have come out much better and we defiantly could not have a better partner for the project. Come out this next week & check out the collection & enjoy some music & drinks

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Undftd X Stussy & Hetic November 580

So Undfeated, Stussy and Hetic continue their footwear collaboration with the latest version of the MT580. The shoe will be available at Undefeated Tokoyo, Los Angeles, Stussy Japan, and Hetic store locations. the shoe should retail for around $150 US stay tuned for official launch date (could get pushed out to December) www.undftd.com & peep this blog for specific launch date TBD


Well I'm kicking myself. Just got back from the north west & now I find out that Nichole from Blackbird has opened a new concept shop. Unfortunately I was a day late & a dollar short and missed the opening while I was up there. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has been able to pop in to see what Nichole is up to! While your in the Ballard area make sure you stop into Senior Moose for a o so delightful Mexican lunch. 5242 NW Leary Ave, you wont be disappointed


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holloween Shoes!

Happy Halloween! Its fun being in the shoe game as both me & the fam always have the perfect shoe for every occasion. Since today is all hollows eve, centers with a bit of orange will do nicely & the Kids are well dressed in the Charlie Brown Halloween 574's. Have a fun & safe night!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Center High MT Edition

So outdoor boot trends are undeniable right now. Living in LA where the weather is always so amazing its hard to jump on boot trends. I must admit I like getting to wear sneakers year round, but every now & again its nice to try something new. Thanks to the PF team in Japan we have a limited release of the Center High MT edition. they took inspiration from a trail bot & married certain details with the iconic center high to create a really great new style. Sneaker meets boot, go get some. Available in both wheat & black. www.REVOLVEclothing.com has the Black

New Balance 999 Feral Collection

The 99X series dates back to the early 80's, the 99 original was released in 1996 and was a very technical style for the New Balance brand. For this special release we worked with Leftfoot in Singapore and Mita sneakers in Japan to reintroduce this iconic new Balance style.

The NB freal Creation Collection is an Asian inspired collection. This collection is divided into 2 collections, one from each retailer and are limited to 660 pairs worldwide.

Singapore-inspired 999-designed by Left foot. Leftfoot has drawn inspiration from the lion.

Japan-inspired 999-design by Mita Sneakers. Mita has drawn inspiration from the grey mouse.

Available late October in the US at Undefeated stores only www.undft.com

PF Windjammers

So the windjammer is a 1960's re-issue from PF FLYERS. This shoe never got the respect it deserves as there are allot of similar silhouettes in the market. however this shoe is far superior with the quality & craftsmanship. its also hard to warrant investing in a nice RRL button down, some great say APC denim and then wear mediocre shoes!? the windjammer can defiantly dance with a more sophicated apparel assortment. I know this is probably the last shoe you may be thinking about as winter is upon us, but for the lucky So Cal residents go out & get some!

Seattle WA

Wow, Seattle was chilly. This was a great stop. I was able to not only stop in & see the Scotts (Scott @ Khulmans, Scott @ Ians, & Scott @ Goods) but in addition to work I was able to get up on some Serious Pie. Serious Pie is a Tom Dougles restaurant. Next time your in the city of the future do your self a huge favor and make a stop for lunch (Dinner is way too busy & packed)
(Ians Left, Khulmans Middle, delicious wonderful pizza right)

Portland OR

Just got back from a trip to the North West. I of corse met up with Zac & Seth from www.oddball.com but also spent some time with Justin from Local 35. Over the past 6 years (thats right 6 year anniversary coming up) Justin has really made a name for his store not only Portland but in the US as he was voeted one of GQ's top 50. Keep your eyes pealed as there are some great Local 35 X PF Flyers projects in the works for 2010!


When in NYC make sure you stop into DDC lab in SoHo. DDC are the creative directors for New Balance and do a fair amount of development on PF FLYERS as well. This PF display was built using recycled/reclaimed wood

Spring 2010 Rambelr Re-Issue (comming 2/1/2010)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

PF Must haves

These are some great shoes that are selling very well. We have inventory & they are ready to go

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2K Spring 2009 Janette Beckman

2K Spring is on its way! Janette Beckman is a personal favorite of mine:
Janette began her career at the dawn of punk rock working for The Face & Melody Maker, when British music pushed every boudary. She Had extraordinary access to the musicians topping the UK charts, including the Clash, Sex Pistols, Specials, Ramons and she photographed covers for the Police's first three albums.

For more info on Janette Beckman go to www.JanetteBeckman.com & www.2kbygingham.com